Synergy Events

Empowering Conscious Community Building and Inspiring Healthy Lifestyles that promote positive change through World Devotional Music, International Cuisine, Educational Opportunities, Inspirational Workshops and the Healing Arts.

Synergy Events* is operated by a collective of inspired people who are dedicated to creating opportunities for community empowerment through providing events that assist people to connect, heal, learn, grow and celebrate life.

We produce multi-faceted special events, like Synergy Solstice, that contain many different elements of experience such as:

World Devotional Music, Singer/Songwriters, Yoga Asana, QiGong, Tai Chi, Meditation, Ayurveda, Astrology, Sound Baths with Crystal Bowls and Gongs, Tea Service, International Cuisine and more...

We also produce events for music groups and singer/songwriters who are dedicated to world peace through conscious music. In addition to the direct benefits participants receive, we like to support fundraising for important causes. Synergy Events is committed to sustainable giving by touching our community, the children/next generations and the world.

Individual groups and singer/songwriters that choose Synergy Events to produce their shows may not choose to contribute to charity. However, Synergy Events is dedicated to offer a percentage of it’s own profits from all productions to charity.

Charitable projects are chosen and supported on an event by event basis. Synergy Events maintains an avenue for funding projects on our donation page. Each event will advertise the charity it is supporting. If no charity is advertised, at minimum, Synergy events offers 5% of it’s profits to World Disaster Relief, 10% to The Children Are Our Future’s Curriculum for Life Project, with the remaining profit supporting the Synergy Event Fund.

> The Synergy Event Fund & SYNERGY RETREAT/FEST

We put our profit back into our community by producing community events that are educational, inspirational and empowering, as well as offering opportunities to network and celebrate life together. Our vision is to further enhance our future through the creation of a three day event called the Synergy RetreatFest. We believe that when people gather together without the stresses of everyday life a unique, extraordinary experience becomes possible. As we move through our day, feeling supported with excellent food, opportunities to shape and tune our bodies through wonderful modalities of exercise, having inspiring conversations with like-minded community and experiencing conscious, uplifting music, we relax into being the most excellent humans we can be. Our goal is to create three day retreat-like festivals that allow us to have a human experience together. We plan on providing state of the art education on how to maintain optimal health through hands-on workshops, lectures and classes. High vibration organic meals will be provided to sustain you and you will have access to multiple modalities of the healing arts as well as cutting edge fitness programs. The weekend will also be a celebration of life with conscious lyric singer/songwriters and world music. If you would like to support this project, please contact us.

> Community Hardship Fund

This fund supports someone in our local community that is experiencing hardship. As funds are made available we either produce a benefit for the chosen individual or family or donate directly to them.

> The Children’s Curriculum for Life Project

A projecCreating life-affirming curriculum (Pre-K through 12) that is about self-empowerment and teamwork. The goal is to assist young people to know themselves and the world around them, be in touch with their power and creativity and have excellent communication skills and the ability to work well with others. A project of The Children Are Our Future, a non profit, 501c3 organization. TheChildrenAreOurFuture.org

> World Disaster Relief

This fund assists people all over the world who's lives have been devastated by natural and human made disaster.

> SolQuest Adventures

SolQuest nurtures vibrant community ecosystems by facilitating nature-based experiential education that provides mentorship opportunities and support for individuals, families and youth." The folks at SolQuest Adventures specialize in mentorship and rites of passage for men, young men and boys and offer monthly and seasonal events, including support for fathers and sons. The aim of SolQuest is to facilitate experiences that are fun, meaningful and uncorgettable as a way of supportingthe skills and connections our community needs to thrive. SolQuest Adventures is a project of The Children Are Our Future, a non profit, 501c3 organization. SolQuest.org

You may donate directly to any one of our causes by visiting our DONATION PAGE. Donations are in most cases tax deductible.

*Synergy Events is a project of the Center for Devotional Living, which is a omni-faith church that sponsors events and activities that bring people together across many spiritual traditions. Through our coming together we realize there is no enemy and we achieve peace.



Synergy Events   •   A project of the Center for Devotional Living
P.O. Box 1590 Felton, CA, 95018 • Community Event Hotline: 831-425-3355